Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Design Green, Win Green Contest

My local mall is having a Design Green, Win Green contest to celebrate it's 40th anniversary and I decided I wanted to enter. Who can resist a grand prize of a $1,000 mall gift card?! The rules were to create a fashion item that is made of recycled or repurposed materials. I already had a project I wanted to try that would fit the contest perfectly, a pop tab skirt.

The skirt took quite a bit of time to complete since I had to weave through each tab individually. I started by making long chains of tabs and then connected them all together to make a sort of pop tab fabric. To give the skirt a bit of structure (as well as to keep it from being see-through) I attached the pop tab fabric to a base skirt made from an old t-shirt. The final touch was an elastic waistband made from part of an old tank top. I also created a top to go with the pop tab skirt from an old ankle length skirt. Sadly I forgot to take process pictures.

Some of the materials I used

The finished skirt

A close-up of the pop tabs

The finished top

The whole outfit